Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year! First Scrapbook layout - help needed!

Well, I've made a good start on the scrapbook "Being your..." challenge.

I've made some decisions:

  • I've ordered a 'proper' scrapbook and it's 12x12. I plan on doing 20 pages, 2 single layouts front and back and the rest double layouts.
  • The pages as follows:
  1. Venue/Invites (single)
  2. Bride getting ready (double)
  3. Groom getting ready (double)
  4. Ceremony (double)
  5. Family Photos (double)
  6. Wedding Breakfast (double)
  7. Speeches/Cake (double)
  8. First Dance/Evening photos (double)
  9. Honeymoon (3 pages)
  • The best thing I decided about using a 'proper' scrapbook is I can change the pages around and also if I hate a page I can redo it. And I can even add extra pages later if I want to expand on it.
  • I've ordered 100 6x4 photos, some I hope to crop so they are smaller.
  • I've decided not to get a cuttlebug. So I have bought 4 round punches from 2 inch to 3.5 inch, so these may come in use later.

First Page - Venue/Invites

I've been having a nightmare on deciding what to do! If every page is this hard I'm never going to complete a page!

I played around for hours and these were the 4 layouts that looked the best with what I have. The top left uses everything I wanted on the page, but I didn't know if it was a bit much. The last 2 layouts give me an option to add some journalling. But I'm not a writer, and I wouldn't know what to write about for this page, so this is one layout I'd be happy to have no journalling for.

I also want to say that these are just layout ideas, I will be mat and layering and adding embellishments.

Appreciate comments and opinions...


  1. fab layouts Sam - personally the top one is my favourite :) I am a 'more is more' girl though :D xx

  2. 2nd for me
    i would love to do a scrapbook but dont know what to put in it lol

  3. Thanks Gemma, I think the top is my favourite too.

    Liss, I think I'm hooked on scrapbooking and I've barely started yet! You can scrapbook anything. When I've finished my wedding one I'm going to go back and redo my photo albums as scrapbooks! And then I'd like to do a diary style scrapbook. I saw one where you do one layout per month and put in the big things that happened.

  4. Ohh I like the 2nd one best I think. I'm not into scrapbooking but if you're no good at journalling why not use single words doodled around the page (e.g. "Vintage", "Homely", "Posh")? x

  5. Gorgeous!! another vote for the top one here

  6. Thanks everyone. I completed my first page and used the top layout.