Sunday, 31 January 2010

BY2010 - January

It worked :) I scheduled this page yesterday to go live at 1 minute past midnight and it seems to have worked. Sadly I couldn't get my images to fit the page, so instead I made my template wider! You'd never know I program websites for a living :s My argument is I am a programmer not a designer. Even so I'm sure I could come up with something cooler for my blog design...

So these are my entries so far for BY2010 - apologies for not following the spec at all, but it's great to have some motivation by joining a group and to get inspiration too.


I decided upon a new scrapbook album, this one is from K&Co.

Page 1 - The Venue

This was my first ever scrapbook page :) I'm thinking now, even after a month of scrapbooking that maybe I tried to get too much on this page. Perhaps I should have done a double spread and thought of something else for the first page.

Page 2/3 - Bride getting ready

I had so many photos I wanted to use on this page that I did loads of mini ones with Snapfish's collage feature. I think this is my favourite scrapbook page I've done yet, I'm really happy with it. The note was left for me in my hotel room by my hubby (to be) and I kept it :) I knew it would come in use someday!

And here is the next blog in the list for the BY2010 challenge:

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And this is the February sketch from Ks Crafty Corner

Sunday, 17 January 2010

52 in 10 Prompt 2

Dollys Dreamings 52 in 10 Prompt 3

Here is my effort for prompt 2 "Goals and Aims".

Sunday, 10 January 2010

52 in 10 Prompt 1, Wedding Album and snowman

52 in 10

52 in 10 prompt 1

I'm participating in the 52 in 10 project (See link above). This is my first page and second ever scrapbook page. It's not 100% finished because I need a crop a dile (yes NEED a crop a dile). But when I get one I will attach the vellum on with eyelets.

Being Your... my wedding album

My album arrived, it's from K and Co and I'm very happy with it. It's very weddingy, now I have to choose a picture to go on the front. (the one that's there isn't mine!)


I've been wanting to make a snowman, but every opportunity I've had until today the snow hadn't been right (I'm told the temperature was too low). So here is my quick attempt, and there's Gizmo admiring it!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

First Scrapbook page finished and Snow pics

Firstly, this is my first ever scrapbook page :) I'm sure I will look back on it in years and think it's rubbish, but right now I'm very happy with it.

I'm a true scrapbooker! I've been carrying my camera with me and I took the next 2 photos at work today in the business park I work at. The sky was beautifully blue - just a shame some people had walked in the snow! lol

This is the structure of an old Airship hangar:

This is my front garden. I love the snow. But I hated it tonight while I spent an hour shovelling snow to try and get my car parked up somewhere sensible as I couldn't get it back on the driveway!

Yesterday I worked from home and so I made the most of it and let the rabbits out. Gizmo wasn't impressed and stayed in his hutch. But Twiggy (below) made it her mission to flatten all the snow in the back garden! Well at least she had fun!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I'm very excited. I've not seen flakes this big! They are huge. In 2 hours we must have 2 - 3 inches of snow :)

It also seems to have brought the foxes out. I turned the back light on and watched one climb over our fence, but thankfully it didn't seem interested in the rabbits tonight. And I've also just watched a fox for about 5 minutes out the front, it spent the whole time wondering about the middle of the road, almost prancing. They are lovely animals, but I don't want them near my rabbits.

Here's a photo I just took. I hope to get some good ones in the morning to use in my scrapbooks.

Monday, 4 January 2010

I think I'm hooked

...on scrapbooking. Sorry friends and relatives, but no more cards for you :(

After seeing on Liberty's blog a link to: Dolly Dreamings 52 in 10 prompt I've decided to do it. I generally lack imagination, so I think the prompt idea will help me massively.

I've also dug out my box of old photos - you know the kind you had to take to the shop and wait a week before you got to see them! I'm itching to get scrapbooking the lot!

One step at a time though. I want to do the 52 in 10, my wedding scrapbook plus a monthly diary style scrapbook. Given I work full time, learning to play guitar, trying to read the Twilight books and that I spend far too much time on MSE and reading crafting blogs I think 3 scrapbooks over the year is quite ambitious.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year! First Scrapbook layout - help needed!

Well, I've made a good start on the scrapbook "Being your..." challenge.

I've made some decisions:

  • I've ordered a 'proper' scrapbook and it's 12x12. I plan on doing 20 pages, 2 single layouts front and back and the rest double layouts.
  • The pages as follows:
  1. Venue/Invites (single)
  2. Bride getting ready (double)
  3. Groom getting ready (double)
  4. Ceremony (double)
  5. Family Photos (double)
  6. Wedding Breakfast (double)
  7. Speeches/Cake (double)
  8. First Dance/Evening photos (double)
  9. Honeymoon (3 pages)
  • The best thing I decided about using a 'proper' scrapbook is I can change the pages around and also if I hate a page I can redo it. And I can even add extra pages later if I want to expand on it.
  • I've ordered 100 6x4 photos, some I hope to crop so they are smaller.
  • I've decided not to get a cuttlebug. So I have bought 4 round punches from 2 inch to 3.5 inch, so these may come in use later.

First Page - Venue/Invites

I've been having a nightmare on deciding what to do! If every page is this hard I'm never going to complete a page!

I played around for hours and these were the 4 layouts that looked the best with what I have. The top left uses everything I wanted on the page, but I didn't know if it was a bit much. The last 2 layouts give me an option to add some journalling. But I'm not a writer, and I wouldn't know what to write about for this page, so this is one layout I'd be happy to have no journalling for.

I also want to say that these are just layout ideas, I will be mat and layering and adding embellishments.

Appreciate comments and opinions...