Saturday, 28 November 2009

New Christmas cards

This is the card for my parents. It's got a problem in that it weighs more on one side! Oops. I borrowed the robin idea from Helen @ But I made my own from some brown pearl card I found.

This one is for my in-laws, but I stuck as to what to put on the 'slope'. I copied the idea from here: but I don't have a suitable image. My stamps I have are rather small. I do have a robin stamp but it just didn't look right. Any ideas?

Another card inspired by Helen: Once I made the 'tree' I really struggled with how to present it on the card. The problem being that the tree is only about 2 inches tall if that.

Yet another card inspired by Helen: I know it's nothing like Helens, but I had this tree peel off and liked her idea of sticking gems on it and 'snow' at the bottom.

And finally for Woopidoo - my craft desk is a bit emptier today as I moved to the dining table today so I could watch telly. But here is my mess after just a couple of hours. :)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

My first scrapbook

After more than 3 years of being married I am finally getting round to creating my wedding album.

This is the album I plan on using. It's a normal wedding album and I'm still not 100% sure it's suitable. It's about 11 inches square, so I won't be able to use the scrapbook papers I have whole. Although I only have 2 that shouldn't be trimmed.

This album has about 48 pages which also scares me. I'm tempted to just put my photos in this one and do a separate scrapbook.

Here's to give you idea of the size of my photos...

...not much room left for scrapbooking with 2 on the page. I have got some 6 x 4 inch photos on order as well.

Here are the vellums and backing papers I got. The 2 on the left are Dragonfly designs and I had them from a Goody bag. The blue one doesn't fit too well with the lilac colour scheme, but I thought it looked very wedding-y :)

After a lot of thought I've decided to do my text using SeeDs alphabet stamps that I already have and other text on the computer and print it out. The pink and purple inks look really nice on pearlescent paper when embossed.

This is the the bunch of stickers, sticky ribbon and bows I found that I already had. I may or may not use them. I'd like my scrapbook to be elegant and not sure if some of these sticker designs are a bit cartoony.

Today I bought some ribbon. Organza style and normal silky ribbon and I found a white one with LOVE written in purple that I thought might work. I also got some lilac and purple eyelets, I have an eyelet setter, but never used it. I love the way they look, so hope to incorporate that into a couple of pages.

These stickers are pearlescent/glittery and have the matching stamp. These were also in a Goody bag I got ages ago and I think they will be perfect. I had roses at my wedding so the colours and theme fits in nicely. I think they are a bit more elegant so can see these working.

I've got some paper flowers in purples on order. I used flowers when I made my table plan, so again these will bring back memories for me.

If anyone has any comments, or ideas I'd love to hear them. Especially with regards the album I have...I'm afraid of making a big mistake.

Friday, 30 October 2009

We Won!!!!

And here was the competition...

We won a case of Corona for the company!

Our pumpkin...

We have a pumpkin competition at the building we work in and this is our entry for it:

Monday, 26 October 2009

Reindeer Candy Cane

I got this idea when I was looking for homemade ways to decorate my Christmas Tree. I found it here:

This is my version. Isn't he cute?

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Christmas 2009

Got round to making quite a few Christmas cards this weekend. I didn't do all of these, I've been working on these for a few weeks.

The following 6 were made using a Christmas card making mag that came with LOADS of die cuts, embellishments and card: I copied all the designs from that magazine and another magazine.

The top one is my own idea - ha ha it shows doesn't it? Dead simple. The bottom one I borrowed the window style design from a blog somewhere. Used my SeeD's stamps that I got 2 Christmases ago.

This next bunch, I've made about 12 of, I really like it. I already did one in 2007 and decided to do more but in different colours. The stamps were from my SeeDs collection. The bottom 2 were kindly stamped by a friend.

These cards I didn't copy! But I did use some typical ideas that most people the 3 stars thing. The backing papers and embellishments were from the Christmas magazine. The stamps were from a friend.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Here I got a little brave and made a shaker card. I'm not that pleased with it design wise. But I was quite rushed, and as you'll get to know, I'm not very good at coming up with ideas of my own.

This is a great idea to use up any odds and ends embellishments. I've done similar cards with flowers too. You can't see to well, but I drew the string for the balloons, a better idea would have been to stick on some string I think.

I copied the basis of this idea from a magazine. I had been to a craft show and got my first Sakura quickie glue pen and it's now my favourite craft item. I used outline peels offs on acetate (idea was from the demo of the glue pen at the craft show), used the glue pen to fill in the gaps with extra fine (it's gorgeous) glitter I got from the craft show. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's really pretty and I made 2 for Mother's Day.

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007 I made cards for everyone.

This top one was a nice simple yet effective design which I love. I did lots of these using stamps and embossing them and colouring in with glitter pens, or glitter glue. Or I used outline peel offs and coloured them in.

I got the idea for this one from browsing docrafts.

This one was my own idea, quite a manly card I think.

This one I used a tree stamp to stamp and emboss multiple overlaying images. I think the effect worked quite well.

Really like this one, used foam snowflakes, I really love dead simple cards as I'm sure you can tell already!

Getting hooked...

About 8 months on, one birthday full of craft goodies and a huge shoe box full of craft bits from someone I knew who had a sort out of all her bits, I like to think my cards improved a little...

Another stripey card. I like these, I think they make good cards for men.

An idea to use some random stickers. Think I copied the design from someones card on docrafts.

Slight Improvements

A few more sheets of peel offs, more card, stamps, ink and some inspiration from the internet I came up with the following:

I copied the stripes idea from a magazine:

This was for a lover of Bassat Allsorts:

My first attempt at Iris Folding (Sadly I used card instead of paper as I didn't have any red paper!)

First Cards

These were some of my first ever cards. All I had was some glitter, a few sheets of text peel offs, 1 set of alphabet stamps, a silver stamp, a snowflake punch and some scrap card I had laying about.

Was very proud of them back then :)


Hi, this is my blog for adding photos of my homemade cards. Hope you like them.