Thursday, 7 January 2010

First Scrapbook page finished and Snow pics

Firstly, this is my first ever scrapbook page :) I'm sure I will look back on it in years and think it's rubbish, but right now I'm very happy with it.

I'm a true scrapbooker! I've been carrying my camera with me and I took the next 2 photos at work today in the business park I work at. The sky was beautifully blue - just a shame some people had walked in the snow! lol

This is the structure of an old Airship hangar:

This is my front garden. I love the snow. But I hated it tonight while I spent an hour shovelling snow to try and get my car parked up somewhere sensible as I couldn't get it back on the driveway!

Yesterday I worked from home and so I made the most of it and let the rabbits out. Gizmo wasn't impressed and stayed in his hutch. But Twiggy (below) made it her mission to flatten all the snow in the back garden! Well at least she had fun!

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