Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I'm very excited. I've not seen flakes this big! They are huge. In 2 hours we must have 2 - 3 inches of snow :)

It also seems to have brought the foxes out. I turned the back light on and watched one climb over our fence, but thankfully it didn't seem interested in the rabbits tonight. And I've also just watched a fox for about 5 minutes out the front, it spent the whole time wondering about the middle of the road, almost prancing. They are lovely animals, but I don't want them near my rabbits.

Here's a photo I just took. I hope to get some good ones in the morning to use in my scrapbooks.


  1. We have load of snow too and it's started snowing again. OH has managed to get to work but not sure how he's going to get back if we have a load more of the white stuff fall!!!

  2. You are a winner come and get it!