Saturday, 28 November 2009

New Christmas cards

This is the card for my parents. It's got a problem in that it weighs more on one side! Oops. I borrowed the robin idea from Helen @ But I made my own from some brown pearl card I found.

This one is for my in-laws, but I stuck as to what to put on the 'slope'. I copied the idea from here: but I don't have a suitable image. My stamps I have are rather small. I do have a robin stamp but it just didn't look right. Any ideas?

Another card inspired by Helen: Once I made the 'tree' I really struggled with how to present it on the card. The problem being that the tree is only about 2 inches tall if that.

Yet another card inspired by Helen: I know it's nothing like Helens, but I had this tree peel off and liked her idea of sticking gems on it and 'snow' at the bottom.

And finally for Woopidoo - my craft desk is a bit emptier today as I moved to the dining table today so I could watch telly. But here is my mess after just a couple of hours. :)


  1. like the xmas tree made out of gems :)

  2. all gorgeous cards Sam, the tri fold one is beautiful, maybe just a small 'Merry Christmas' Message in the bottom left corner would finish it off a treat ;) xx

  3. all lovely cards well done x

  4. Yay! Lovely to see where you work :D

    I love all the cards but especially the stamped tree with the gems. It's lovely. For the snow scene - I can just imagine a sleigh on there or some deer :)

  5. Wow all your cards are beautiful, my fave is the robin one at the top xxx