Monday, 1 March 2010

BY2010 - March

Hi everyone! It's my turn to provide a sketch :s Kate at Liberty Cottage has encouraged me to come up with my own - so you can blame her for this! I've decided to have the sketch for a single large photo (but I guess you could do smaller ones together). Being that I'm doing my wedding album there are a few pages where I want to use single photos so it will be inspirational to see your interpretations.

Apologies for the sketch, my Gimp (or photoshop) skills are virtually non-existent as I'm a programmer and usually get the designers to do this sort of stuff :)

I'd like to encourage some journalling, so you've got 2 options. You can either add some hidden journalling behind the photo in a pocket with a pull tab or similar (that's what the box with an arrow is!), or you can add some small journalling at the bottom. Or both. Or none if you really hate journalling.

Is that all I need to do in this post? Message me if I'm missing anything!

Blog Hop added:

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  1. I think you need to add the McLinky thing for people to set the order. But I don't know how to do that :0(

  2. Ooh well done on doing a sketch of your own! I also have no idea how to add the McLinky thing but will have to learn for when it is my turn. Please count me in!! Also came across this scrapping inspiration for a wedding page not sure if it is any good for your album but thought of you when I saw it

  3. OK McLinky added. You have to sign up at Then you create the thing you want (I did a blog hop - have no idea if this is what others used) and then there's a link to get the code to put in your blog.

    Thanks for that link furrypig, looks like that will definitely give me some ideas. Thank you.

  4. ok the blog hop list seems to have disappeared! I'm going to try again.

  5. hi hun, I usually just use a basic list, but it has worked ok for me on this so we can just keep it!

    email me: if you are stucker :)

  6. What date is this going to be hun?!

  7. I've autoscheduled mine for 11 am on 31st March???