Wednesday, 31 March 2010

BY2010 - March Blog Hop

I've had a terrible month of scrapping. I've hardly done any because I've had no inspiration at all. I haven't finished this page, but I think this is the final version (except I'm yet to do the journalling). Not much is stuck down.

My idea for myself was to use stitching and so I stitched without really knowing where I was going with it - so everything else is an after thought. For the hidden journalling I want to list everybody in the photo so I can remember in years to come. I still need to ask my mum who some of the people are - hence why I've not printed it out yet. Then I want to put some hand written text in the white space at the bottom, but not sure what to say yet.

Next in line: Liberty Cottage

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  1. Love the layout, it truely is very pretty, and the stitched flowers, WOW! they really make the page.

  2. Liking the look with the flowers. I once did a wedding group picture like this and put a page opposite that had an outline tracing of the group, with a number on each person. I then made a list of the numbers and who they were beside it (underneath the tracing). Hope you follow...? qwiksave x

  3. good idea to add the names especially if there are some you have forgotten already! lol Also like qwiksaves idea thanks for doing the sketch Sam need to find out who is doing the next one as I have been away xxx